Two years ago almost to the day, we posted a news item about the design work we were doing for local charity Winchester Fit4TheFuture, to presuade the Council to site a new Sports Centre with international facilities at Bar End, rather than a small replacement “Leisure Centre” in the city centre at River Park.

W521 3D visual 2 - option 8 (L-shape, grass roof)2014.07.02




Since that time, the Council has employed other consultants who have come up with various other reports and ideas, but we were extremely pleased to hear that they have now voted to proceed with the Bar End location, making the work we carried out for free all the more rewarding!

More information on the decision is available here, here and here. The Hampshire Chronicle article pictures the existing River Park Leisure Centre pool, designed by our Mike Brownlow in 1987 after the original was destroyed by fire.