We are delighted to announce that we were successful at Planning Committee last week for another new-build dwelling within the Test Valley.

The site benefited from an existing ‘Class Q’ approval to convert the existing modern barn into a dwelling. Working with Atlas Planning Group and Indigo Landscape, we have submitted a comprehensive proposal for the creation of a new two-storey house on this site which offers a significant improvement on the previously approved scheme. The proposal moves the massing further into the site, reducing impact on the surrounding countryside as well as reducing the overall footprint by 15%.

Significant landscape and ecological enhancements are proposed as part of the scheme, which includes the provision of 0.137ha of wildflower meadow planting, 37m of mixed native hedgerow and native tree planting. These measures improve the landscape setting and ecological value of the site and provides the appropriate planting to offset the Nitrate generation associated with the proposal.

The overall concept is that of a high quality design, embedded in its natural surroundings and not dominating or incongruous to the landscape. The proposal overall also leads to a reduction of 13% in the total built footprint on the site. The building will also benefit from a package treatment plant, an air source heat pump, solar panels and a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system will be utilised to create a sustainable home.

We are looking forward to progressing the technical design on this project with assistance from AWA structural engineers and NT Surveying