Our Rhiannon North has returned from her first “tour of duty” in the Falklands Islands.

Working on secondment to Ramboll, Rhiannon has spent 8 weeks carrying out site inspections on a number of defence and community projects on the islands.

The experience has been once-in-a lifetime. “Watching schools of dolphins in the clear waters of the South Atlantic whilst flying over by helicopter to more remote areas and exploring the deserted sandy beaches looking for penguins is a far cry from commuting across Hampshire and Dorset” says Rhiannon. “The opportunity to witness how construction can still be carried out effectively whilst transporting materials thousands of miles has been invaluable, and I’ve also been able to assist in resolving various Health & Safety issues thanks to my training as Principal Designer”.

We were very pleased to be asked if Rhiannon could return for a second tour later in the year, which she has accepted. “I’m looking forward to seeing how the Islands change in their early Spring. And of course how much progress has been made on site!”


 “Rhiannon holds the key to Cape Pembroke lighthouse, just east of Port Stanley”.

 “Currently the most southerly suspension bridge in the world is at Bodie Creek just outside Goose Green, transported in kit form from London to the Islands in 1925. Closed in 1997, it is now graceful collapsing into Choiseul Sound!”